Colin Bockman’s Business Building Information
How you can get the most from Colin’s
5 Audio CDs and 5 Business Reports
... listen and read in this sequence:
Listen to the Lessons from the Journey Audio CD
... and become inspired. Then give it to your team and watch as
their passion for success evolves

Read the Executing Marketing Strategies Report
... so you can quickly define where the competitive advantage
lies in today’s business environment
Listen to the Management to Leadership Audio CD
... as how you manage your people is critical to your future success
Read the Motivating People Report
... to discover, not only how valuable your team is, but more
importantly, how easy it can be to motivate them to succeed
Listen to the Making your Phone a Dollar Gusher Audio CD
... and then ensure those handling your enquiries live the principles
so your conversion rate soars
Read the Entry Level Phenomenon Report
... so you can create strategies to turn price shoppers into profitable sales
Listen to the Science of Selling Audio CD
... and then ensure you and your team are using these methods,
so your closing rate improves along with your profit
Read the How to Achieve Add-on Sales Report
... to learn the simple principle which will enable you and your
team to immensely improve your average sale value and improve
your overall margin
Listen to the Winning Customers for Life Audio CD
... to learn how to create the Culture in a cost-effective manner
Read the Turning Customer Complaints into
Customer Opportunities
... and instil into your team the magic of the only response you
ever need to give a Customer who complains

Audio CDs are designed to listen in your car
The Reports take between 25 and 35 minutes to read.

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